Homeowners Beware

Please be aware of people that are going door to door or calling by phone trying to collect your property taxes.  “My office does not go to a taxpayer’s home or make collection calls”,  Tax Asssessor Collector, Allison Nathan Getz said.  There have been numerous reports of taxpayers being called or someone coming to their door to collect money.

All correspondence with the tax office is done by mail with an official letterhead and the county seal on it.  There are several companies that do a direct mailing wanting taxpayers to authorize them to recover refunds for them from failure to file for tax exemptions.

“Why would you pay someone money for something that you can easily do on your own?  If you receive a letter about the recovery of a refund, please call our office and let us help you file the necessary paperwork, so that you keep your money.  We want our taxpayers to get the most out of their exemptions” Getz said.

Property owners who are in doubt about the status of their exemptions can contact the Jefferson County Tax Office and have the staff inform them of any exemptions they are currently receiving; and any that they may potentially qualify to receive.