Property Tax FAQ

tax-office-documents-with-stamps-3001. Why are my taxes so high?

Property taxes are determined by three factors: (1) the appraised value of the property (2) tax rate adopted by the governing bodies of each taxing unit (3) exemptions, if any.  The Jefferson Central Appraisal district values property,

2. What exemptions am I eligible to receive and am I signed up to get these exemptions?

Contact the Jefferson Central Appraisal District at (409) 840-9944 or (409) 727-4611 or at their website,

3. When are taxes due?

Taxes are due when the statements are sent out. However, you have until January 31 following the October mail out.  Late charges begin on February 1st in most cases.

4. I am a senior citizen and cannot afford to pay the full amount.

We can offer senior citizens and disabled property owners the option to pay taxes in four (4) payments without late charges on their homes.  These property owners need to contact our office in order to set up the schedule.  Failure to make the first payment by January 31 will cancel this agreement and penalty and interest will be applied.

5. My taxes are now delinquent and I cannot pay in full, what can I do?

Contact our office at (409)835-8516 for more information.

6. I had a payment agreement, but failed to make payments. Can I sign a new agreement?

Once you have defaulted on a payment agreement, you will be unable to sign a new one.  You may make partial payments, but you will no longer be protected from legal action.

7. Will I get a duplicate statement if the original is sent to my mortgage company?

No, beginning with 2007 taxes.

8. What if I did not receive a statement?

The property owner must contact the Tax Office if they did not receive a statement.  The law puts the burden on the property owner to make sure they receive their statement.

9.  Where do I send a change of address?

Any change of name or address should be sent to the Jefferson Central Appraisal District,