Two Step, One Sticker


Beginning March 1, 2015, the State of Texas will stop issuing vehicle inspection stickers.

After this, in order to register your vehicle, you will be required to pass a vehicle inspection not more than 90 days prior to the date your registration expires.  After passing an inspection, the inspection station will update your electronic inspection record with the results and issue you a paper vehicle inspection report (VIR).

The inspection fees have not changed but  where you pay them has.  You will now pay the inspection station its portion of the fee at the time of inspection and the state’s portion of the fee will now be collected at the time of registration.

Additional information about the program can be found on the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles’ website at  Simply select the “Two Steps, One Sticker” heading from the Motorists tab at the top of the homepage to access the content.  Scroll down to the “Calculate my date” option for your inspection renewal date.